Eggs – Can They Give You That Zero Figure?

Eggs help you loose weight

Eggs are one of the healthiest food items; they are full of healthy fats, essential minerals and vitamins, and are a great source of protein. The goodness of eggs is known to all. However, many people think that eggs make you gain weight when it is really the other way around. The latest research indicates that eggs are actually great for weight loss.

Here is why you should include eggs in your daily diet if you are aiming to lose weight – 

• Eggs are low in calories – We all know that the simplest way to shed kilos is to cut down on calories. But did you know that one egg consists of about 78 calories only? Yet, they are highly nutritious. Three boiled eggs add up to 240 calories approximately. So, if you start your day with three boiled eggs served with a bowlful of freshly chopped vegetables, you are only consuming about 300 calories – just the right amount to kick-start your weight loss process!

• Eggs are filling – Eggs are incredibly nutritious and filling because of their high protein content. Any food that is high in protein is known to reduce your appetite and make you feel full for longer. Because you feel satiated after consuming eggs, chances are you will feel less hungry, and naturally reduce your food intake for the rest of the day. You will no longer feel the urge to munch on unhealthy snacks in between your meals.

• Eggs boost your metabolism – Eggs are enriched with all the essential amino acids, that too in the correct proportions. The human body is easily capable of using egg proteins for metabolism and maintenance. In fact, a high-protein diet including eggs enhances metabolism by 15-30%, this is known as the ‘thermic effect of food’. All of the above contribute to weight loss. Keep in mind that an average adult should ideally consume no more than 2-3 whole eggs in a day – just enough to help you lose weight.

What is the healthiest way to eat eggs?

Eating eggs on a regular basis is not enough; how you are having them matters more. The key is to incorporate the protein into a healthful diet. Eggs are easy to prepare and can be cooked in versatile ways. Here are some of the healthiest ways to consume eggs –

• Boil the eggs with shells on in a pot of water for about 6-10 minutes, depending on how well you want the yolks cooked. The longer you boil, the firmer the yolks become.

• Poach the egg in slightly cool water between 71-82 degree Celsius (160-180 degree Fahrenheit) and cook for 3 minutes

• Scrambled eggs with a fresh bowl of salad is a healthy morning snack

• Baked eggs

• Omelette

In case you are still wondering if eggs are bad for your health, it is high time that you get over with it. Eggs are not at all bad for your health – they are the good fats, which help to build muscles and boost your strength. However, excessive consumption of eggs may lead to other health conditions, such as high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, etc. Doctors usually suggest people with high blood pressure to eat eggs in moderation, i.e. 3 days a week. Now that you know about all the benefits of eating eggs, make sure you are having your portion of this killer weight loss protein without fail.

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