Here are a few self-quarantine hacks I’ve learnt over the past few days.

Corona Virus
  1. Sing a 30-second part of your favorite song while washing your hands to ensure you are getting that time in
  2. Make a step-by-step protocol for any external contact with the world Example – protocol for handling grocery delivery or food deliveries
  3. Have a daily disinfecting process and make a checklist of common places and objects in your home you will disinfect every day
  4. Use the 7-minute workout or Tabata or other HIIT sessions to stay fit while at home
  5. Take online language learning classes
  6. Schedule weekly zoom calls with the entire family at a pre-defined time and day
  7. Create atleast one post or content every week to spread awareness about self-quarantine and flattening the curve

Will keep this updated with other hacks I learnt or come across from your contributions.

Stay Safe,

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