Celebrity Diet Secrets – Know About Them!

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It is common for most of us to wonder how some celebrities just don’t seem to age – both in terms of looks and physique. It is not easy and requires, in addition to a lot of hard work, loads of determination and self-constraints to achieve that.

Different bodies react differently to different food items and there is no one size fits all. Though media claims and promotes various celebrities’ diet plans, a word of caution.  A detailed physical examination and discussion should be done to identify what will work best for you.  Listed below are some things that have helped celebrities lose weight. 

Regular, well-balanced meals: It is a popular belief and advises that eating regular, small-proportioned meals with the right mix of protein, carbs, and fats is the best way to lose weight.  Of course, they have to be supplemented to this for including a good workout regime, reduced alcohol, reduced refined sugars, etc., but most people believe starving to be skinny is not the healthy way to go. Another good rule to follow is the 80/20 rule – enforce discipline and let 80% of your food be nutritious and 20% can be damaging (chocolate cake included!). Most would also set a daily intake target and keep a count of the calories that are ingested.

Increased fiber – Be it greens or vegetables, fruits, or dry fruits, added fiber makes you feel full and reduces the amount of food ingested.  Atkins diet, which pumps your body with fiber for 3 consecutive days helps by flushing out a lot of toxins and is one of the most widely followed detox diet plans.

Flush out with Lime Juice – Beginning the day with a glass of lime juice and warm water is supposed to flush out the toxins and reduce weight.  Adding ginger and mint is believed to make this work better.

Replace red meat with chicken – While chicken is believed to increase the protein intake levels, reducing red meat is believed to help reduce weight. 

Do away with the dairy – A lot of dairy products, which forms the main source of proteins, especially for vegetarians is believed to add to the weight. If weight loss is your goal, then dairy should stay out of your food diary.

A lot of celebrities also use natural boosters and suppressants to reduce appetite.  Removing alkaline food items from your menu, gluten-laden foods, alcohol, refined carbs, are all followed too. Weight loss supplements are another option but should be used only under the supervision and as a last resort.

As mentioned, celebrity diet patterns should not be followed blindly. They are highly personalized and seek advice before adapting it. 

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